Falling for LA – Fall takes us to Los Angeles #LA #Hollywood #LalaLand

The song Viva La Vida by Coldplay(I’m so out of it, they could be broken up by now) always reminds me of Autumn in New York because that’s when I use to listen to it on repeat, when I was new to #NYC and hitting the pavement…I had like 3 auditions for the movie Scott Pilgrim(don’t worry you didn’t miss anything I didn’t get the role, thanks Alison Pill). So to this day, Viva takes me back to this very specific time of season. #WELCOMEFALL #FallForward

I haven't seen most West Coast friends since I looked like this.

I haven’t seen most West Coast friends since I looked like this.

How far we've come..

How far we’ve come..


Bastian swears he won’t go LA on me… #StarSucker #BabyProblems

LA Dishes and the Dirt on Fall 2014

  • The Hood– Like totally for sure covering what’s cool in “The Valley”.
  • The Food– From Gobi (we’re coming for you) to Casa Vega(I know you have room for us) we’ll be hitting them up and seeing how cool they really are towards big A$% strollers.
  • The Scene– you know the hottest parks, dog runs, indoor play gyms, and mama and me classes. We’ll give you the low down of where the most ‘in the know babies’ hit up in LA.
  • The Crib– as in how to and what to take with you on a LONG travel trip with baby. From clothes, bibs to bathtubs I’ll let you know what to take and what to leave.

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