Baby Here We Come: Los Angeles Edition #babyblog #mommyblog #LA #lababy #nybaby

This month we will be living in the city of Angles in Los Angeles, while working on some projects. This is a great opportunity for us to check out just how these LA spots treat mama, baby and our big ass stroller. Yes we are still keeping our NYC attitude and will be rolling into some of the trendy spots. This also gives us an cool opportunity to try out some other baby products that we don’t typically use in NYC. 

Restaurants:  We will keep our normal rating system bc we want to see if these ballers treat strollers as nicely as our NYC hot spots. We don’t hate and still keep our street style. 

Products:  We are trying out some of the new baby products that we normally don’t get a chance to…from a new high chair, to new binky’s we’re staying open minded and doing comparison. 

Baby Hot Spots:  You know parks, baby gyms, mama gyms that are baby friendly. We will go and let you know. 

Baby B is easily loving this LA lifestyle.

Bastian is rocking out in his A Bit of Lovely booties, and cozy Hanna Anderson jumpsuit.

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