As Taylor Swift would say: Welcome (back) to New York #NY #NYC #TaylorSwift #BRB #LANY #LA

After 4 weeks in LA we are finally back in NYC just in time for the Christmas window displays and decorations. I have to say each time I go back to LA to visit it’s like this odd mystical pull that slightly seduces you into falling for it with it’s consistent weather, epic sunsets and palm tree lined streets. Then the days haze all together and you realize it’s a major time suck…and I remember why I moved back to NY. If anything living in NY allows me to appreciate LA for all it’s beauty and hippy-ness when I’m there…something I never did living there, because all I did was compare it to NY.

So, in conclusion, Bastian got to see all of his Hollywood Auntie and Uncle’s and we hit up some great baby friendly spots while there as well. I somehow managed to squeeze in a ton of work as well, which I’m super proud of. I have to say though- Bastian may have gone totally Hollywood on us. He came back with a slight attitude and an uber “cool-ness”….or it could be he’s coming a toddler.

Now back to old business- The FOOD.

My name is Kristen Ruhlin, I’m a new mama to a boy named Bastian.

This blog is all about hitting the top restaurants  with BIG strollers, tiny babies in big cities. So check in to see where Bastian and I have ventured and if we were asked to leave once they saw our HUGE SUV of a stroller roll in(we have a Bugaboo Cameleon, it’s big). We’re eaten’ food, burpin babies and taken names.

RANKINGRiding Dirty (1)- the lowest of the low;  Strollin (5)- kindly asked us to hit the road; Rollin (10)- these ballers know how to roll.

The Spot:  “Cucina Di Pesce

87 E 4th St, New York, NY 10003
(212) 260-6800

Baby B Rank:  Rollin(be respectful- at the right times) WOW. BEST Trout I have had EVER. Done. I am a HUGE seafood fan..coming from a family of men who loved fishing and always eating some type of seafood..this says a lot. If you want Italian and Seafood- you HAVE to hit this spot up. They were all so sweet to baby B- even when I had to take him to the bar when he got rowdy, smacked his hands down and said “..what’ll it be bartender?“. The hostess was so sweet and was keeping us company as my husband and his parents finished their dinners in peace…and our waiter came over and hung out with us for a bit too. I just couldn’t say more for this place. Inviting, warm and feels like home. Yes…we still rolled in with our BIG ASS STROLLER and it was no big thing. Boom. 

  • Food:  Ok so I already went ape over the Trout..which was buttery, light and perfectly simple. I got the early bird special bc we now eat that early due to B-man- it’s us and the geriatric crew what can I say. my mother in law ordered the Salmon which also looked fantastic and she got extra dressing for it which also looked killer. We got some appitizers – the best was the eggplant.  Get it. Bean dip with bread I’m there. I mean I could go on and on but I won’t. Food it amazing and all under 25/plate. You can’t beat that.
  • Price:  $9-21 The early bird special is $13.95 it comes with FREE wine- HELLOOOOO You need to go here. Ok. Check out more reviews on Yelp Ah- should be noted only thing to be mindful of, they only accept Amex or
  • Location:  LES, Lower East Side, East Village, NYC

“Welcome to New York…It’s been waiting for you. ”  ~ Taylor Swift 

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