RIP My First Baby Girl Sammy #PuppyLove #Love #Pets


Sammy Girl

Sammy Girl

I wanted to share a special post about one of my first babies who taught me how to be a mama before I actually became one. Sammy came into my life in a round about way…and I’m forever grateful for it.

When I first got Sammy, she insisted in doing a photo shoot of us together.

When I first got Sammy, she insisted in doing a photo shoot of us together.

Sammy is such a scene stealer.

Sammy is such a camera wh4*&.

I was working on an indie film years ago in LA, called She Wants Me with Josh Gad, aka Olaf from Frozen…2 of the producers on the film Mark and Christine are those people who literally try to help and house every dog that is in need, and Sammy was no different. It was a rainy day in LA when they spotted her on the side of Laurel Canyon walking in the rain…my teeny teeny girl. What a fighter she was. I think of her tiny, frail body and how she fought a little longer that day to somehow make it into my life and change me forever. It’s funny how life works that way. She was meant to bring some love to my life at that specific time.

My Wedding Day in Fl. 2013

My Wedding Day in Fl. 2013

Mark and Christine took her in and she was instantly our on set mascot- I already had one dog who was the love of my life, Chip- and wasn’t looking for another huge responsibility (I only had just gotten divorced and was his soul parent then). It’s a lot of work. But, after a few months with Christine and Mark, and not being able to place Sammy in a home with the special needs she required, I couldn’t say no. There was something so sweet about that little girl. She was just pure love.

Me and my girl.

Me and my girl.

I picked her up from their office one afternoon, nervous like I was adopting a new child…would I be a good enough parent…could I love another as much as my first…it all just fits the second they come into your arms. I took her to Petland and we got her new little pink outfits, and a pink bed- PINK everything (I never had a girl before- the fashion options were endless)!! She went everywhere with me from this day on…till her last.

Sammy, I am so sorry I didn’t take you in sooner…it’s the one thing I’ll always regret…I just had such a hard time letting you go. I wanted you to keep fighting like you had so many times in the past, but in the end I know you are one of the true, good friends I will keep and cherish with me always.

I see you.

I see you and you see me. 

Your Nicknames:  Wooter, Murlady, Wooty Harrilson, Oooter, Lady, Little Lady, Teeny, Wooty, Sammy, Sam, White and Fluffy, Cat, Mya

Your sayings in your typical Lady Voice:  “F$%k off mother..” “When I’m not eating my sh$T I’m eating Chef Michaels..” “Tur-dunken..yes please” “Brats and Tots..OHH” “Dare you to smell my breath” “It was..THE LITTLE ONE” “MMMMMM”

God how I love you little thing. Always and forever.

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