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Mighty Quinn

Mighty Quinn


My name is Kristen Ruhlin, I’m a new mama to a boy named Bastian.

This blog is all about hitting the top restaurants  with BIG strollers, tiny babies in big cities. So check in to see where Bastian and I have ventured and if we were asked to leave once they saw our HUGE SUV of a stroller roll in(we have a Bugaboo Cameleon, it’s big). We’re eaten’ food, burpin babies and taken names.

RANKINGRiding Dirty (1)- the lowest of the low;  Strollin (5)- kindly asked us to hit the road; Rollin (10)- these ballers know how to roll.

Strollin(5)- We went on the early side, so it wasn’t that crowded and I will say the host was so friendly and sweet, but it’s not the most stroller friendly when around dinner time. It’s order your food and bring to your table style, so it can get crowded and if you have a big stroller there isn’t a lot of room if you want to keep it at the table. It’s also communal seating except for a few 2 tops and a few 4 tops. The was, OK. I’ve had way better BBQ in NY so this will be my last time- too much better food in the city to try. 

The Spot:  “Mighty Quinn”  East Village, LES, Union Square, NYC, Manhattan, NY, New York City, NYU

  • 103 2nd Ave. New York, NY  (212) 677-3733
  • Food:  Average
  • Price:  $-$$ Fair prices. Read more on Yelp! 
  • Location:  East Village, LES, Lower East Side, New York, Manhattan, NYC, NY, Union Square, NYU


A side note on a family, fun thing to do in NYC that’s free to walk around and take in all the smells of different BBQ from all over NY and the US. There are tons of prizes, giveaways and cooking channel stuff going on, with live music, a beer garden and TONS OF BBQ!  The average pricer is like 10 bucks a plate at each plate- it’s great to go in groups and just sample small bites from a bunch of different places.

“Put some South in yo Mouth.”-  Big Apple BBQ

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