Life. It throws curve balls.


First off I apologize for the long gap in my posts on here. A lot has happened. I had another beautiful baby, Ellis, who **Gasp** is almost 1yr old. I moved from NY back to LA. My son, Bastian, turned 2. My dogs have both passed away. My Grandmother who helped raise me passed away. I sadly discovered the person I married was someone I never in a million years thought he would be and thus had no choice but to end a marriage. My boys and I are big church goers now. I have neighbors, who are actually my friends and they are amazing. My favorite thing to do now is go to Malibu with my boys and just play on the beach. Life. It throws curve balls at you.

I hadn’t written on here partly because once I became pregnant with my second child I was beyond busy. I was still working a PT job from home(in between breastfeeding, doctor appointments and taking care of my first son full time) and to be honest I just simply wasn’t eating out as much. I remember a mom on here posted to let her know how dinning out is when he becomes a toddler. I fold. You got me. TotsNtables does not exist. It’s NewBornsNtables with first time eager moms. Toddlers and Tables Do Not Mix. I repeat Do Not Mix. Add another baby in there, aside from the awful seating space in NYC or even a suburban Denny’s for that matter, and you’re up the creek.

I’m writing again because I want to still document our journey, even though it didn’t end up as planned. That’s parenting right, being able to be flexible and change the game when you have to.

So buckle your seat belts. It’s gonna be a bummpy ride.

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