Keeping Up With The Kris-dashian- Nordic Beauty Organic Skin Care #SoLA #LA #Beauty #Skincare

After using the amazing Nordic Beauty all week on my skin- I'm totally loving it.

After using the amazing Nordic Beauty all week on my skin- I’m totally loving it. –Kristen Ruhlin

So I was blessed to receive this amazing new product by Nordic Beauty. I have fair skin, and have been suffering from a lack of sleep since baby B is on an earlier sch. out here on the West Coast. This however, has been my life saver!

Nordic Beauty Anti Aging Cream

Nordic Beauty Anti Aging Cream

It is so thick and rich, you can feel the youth replenishing on your skin the second you start lathering it on. A little of this also goes a LONG way…so you can expect to get a good amount of use out it. It also feels light but provides enough coverage that you don’t really need anything else on. So amazing. It’s fast, organic(if your breastfeeding you don’t need to worry about putting this on your skin and hurting baby) and the scent is fresh and clean.

Totally recommend this for new moms, who wanna feel a little refreshed.

Check out the website HERE, and read all about what goes into the product, and hey even fancy faces like new mama Mila Kunis are using it as well!!