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ABC Kitchen Tiny Flower arrangements. Love them all.

ABC Kitchen Tiny Flower arrangements. Love them all.

My name is Kristen Ruhlin, I’m a new mama to a boy named Bastian.

This blog is all about hitting the top restaurants  with BIG strollers, tiny babies in big cities. So check in to see where Bastian and I have ventured and if we were asked to leave once they saw our HUGE SUV of a stroller roll in(we have a Bugaboo Cameleon, it’s big). We’re eaten’ food, burpin babies and taken names.

This is a different post because, mama went solo on this night out..woot woot…and if you know me, I never go out without the B man so it was fun to feel like an adult again and see my best friend Tyler and his boyfriend Kyle, who were in from LA! I’m gonna start off by saying I love ABC Home and Carpet and Toys and everything about it- I could literally spend a day every week just wandering around. So we hit this spot up for some wine, and then decided to taste a bunch of things off the menu.What happened next is why I share this story with you….

RANKINGRiding Dirty (1)- the lowest of the low;  Strollin (5)- kindly asked us to hit the road; Rollin (10)- these ballers know how to roll.

The Spot:  “ABC Kitchen  35 East 18th Street, New York, NY 10003
(212) 475-5829

Riding Dirty– only because of the way the Truffle situation was handled. I mean come on, I’ve bought a $100 stuff toy upstairs- you couldn’t just comp it after it being an awful dish?

  • Food:  Overall, the wine was amazing, the environment is so lovely, the food was great and so flavorful, EXCEPT for the White Alba Truffles we ordered over Fettuccine.  Here is where it gets to an OMG moment. The truffles I kid you not tasted like nothing…it was a big dish of pasta with maybe butter that needed a hefty dose of salt. When they brought the dish out we thought it was super weird they didn’t shave the truffles on top of the pasta in front of us at the table bc that’s what most places do to ensure the flavor and freshness- so we waited and asked her and she said no they do all prep in back but that they were fresh. Yeah, not flavorful at all…so we tell her and they take the dish away after we all had a taste (didn’t even finish it) and she brings us cake pops. That’s not how I would have corrected the situation but that’s me. I told her we were there tasting a bunch of stuff because I do this food blog from restaurants around the city and would have just expected a little more for the super hefty price and being so underwhlemed. As Kyle said;  “when you go out and pay for a different dish you should be tasting something unique and amazing…not something that has less flavor than a Trader Joe’s pasta box.” Ouch. On the other hand for appetizers: Crab Toast(was amazing, we ate it all up 123, ABC), Roasted Butternut and Hazelnuts were one of my favorites and perfect for winter, Housemade Chicken and Pork were super Dee-lish! The Black Bass and Crispy Pork were so perfect I wouldn’t try another special or Truffle here- save your cash and stick to what’s on the menu and done to perfection. On a cool note, I got mistaken for Ellen Page and- we ran into Charlotte Gainsbourg, who is a doll, love her. 
  • Price:  $$$ You can check out the menu HERE, and see the prices. The Truffles are on the special so may not be listed on the menu…they are suppose to get them fresh each week at the local market…ummmhmmm. Yelp
  • Location:  Union Square, NYC, New York City, New York, Madison Sq. Park

“We don’t care to eat toadstools that think they are truffles.”
Mark Twain (1835-1910)