This section is dedicated to the little things that all add up to make a room special for your little one.

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Where to Find Items:

Pottery Barn Kids:  Planet Mobile $44

Give your little one the universe. Each planet in the solar system is painted by hand to create an engaging display of color around a bright orange sun.

  • 35″ diameter, 30″ high
  • Sun and planets are hand painted and crafted of lightweight Styrofoam.
  • Sun and planets hang from nylon line secured to a metal armature.
  • Mobile features the Sun and the eight planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
  • Includes nylon line and mounting ring for hanging; hanging hardware not included.

Glow in the Dark Stars:  Toys R Us $9.99

Pottery Barn Kids Toy Chest:  Turner Model $199-$229

Throw Pillows:  Land of Nod From as low as $4.97 and up

Letters: Anthropologie Range from $10 and up from various sizes, shapes and textures.

Ottoman:  Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams Mine is an older model from this new one with ends.

Flokati Rug:  RugsUsa 100% Wool hand tufted shag rug. Great until the baby is in the crawling stage, when it gets in their hands.

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